Pressure Wash Grand Rapids is a localized pressure washing company founded on a vision to create and implement superior power washing services. We offer green cleaning with every service we provide


Exterior and Interior Painting & Staining

Maintaining the exterior and interior of residential and commercial surfaces is important to its longevity and value.

Protecting your investment

A large percentage of our business comes from you, the homeowner. As a result, we truly appreciate the importance of your business.

We also understand that your house is a very large investment and we want to help you retain its value. Our in-house design team will help you with your color choices and regular maintenance plan. With exterior cleaning and painting, not only will you increase your home’s value, you will also cut down on costly future repairs and replacements. Dirt, mold, mildew, algae and old paint or stain, will cause premature decay ultimately costing you a huge financial loss! Our technicians use efficient, environmentally responsible cleaning products and technology, we can safely clean, paint, stain and restore any type of surface.

Our highly trained teams are ready to complete all of your cleaning and painting projects! We are excited to work with you making your home, building, fleet or boats look amazing!











Moss & Mildew Removal

Masonry & Brick Cleaning

Experience the Difference

The key to a successful home project, is in finding a reputable and responsible company. Pressure Wash Grand Rapids makes that choice easy with our extensive, new-hire on boarding program. Providing the highest quality of standard operating procedures.