Pressure Wash Grand Rapids is a localized pressure washing company founded on a vision to create and implement superior power washing services. We offer green cleaning with every service we provide


Vehicle Fleets

Pressure Wash Grand Rapids team of highly trained technicians will maintain the appearance of any fleet, cars, trucks, air crafts or boats. We offer weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual maintenance programs Always going over and above all your business needs.

Time is of the Essence

If your vehicles are on the job, you’re losing money and getting behind schedule.

Pressure Wash Grand Rapids team of technicians are trained to get the project done the most efficient way possible. We get the job done right without causing any damage to your vehicles. On the road, sea or air, your vehicle reflects your business. A clean machine sends out a message of quality and reliability. Dirt, mud or other debris, not only look unattractive, it also form pockets of corrosion that damage the integrity of the machine or potentially be unsafe.

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Company Vehicles

Delivery Trucks

School Buses

Flatbed Trucks

Trailers - ALL sizes


Garbage Trucks

Cement Trucks

Experience the Difference

Pressure Wash Grand Rapids completes all vehicle projects with our %100 satisfaction guarantee.

Our team works closely with all clients to complete every project above and beyond our market. Following manufacturer guidelines, meticulous direction and communication, always sets industry standards for Pressure Wash Grand Rapids.