Pressure Wash Grand Rapids is a localized pressure washing company founded on a vision to create and implement superior power washing services. We offer green cleaning with every service we provide


Real Estate / Property Managers

Our team of highly trained technicians make sure you reach the full potential of your property sale. Additionally, maintaining the value of your investment.

Info for property managers

Cleaning your property to maintain its appearance is extremely important to the success of your business or future sale. Working with brokers, realtors and property managers.

Our job is to make work for you with the highest industry standards possible. Produce hassle free estimates and complete the project always going over and above on all our work. We also have a scheduling program that will keep track of when projects rescheduled to be done. For example: If the gutters are on a complex are cleaned once a year in the fall. We will notify you a month in advance the service is coming up. This gives you ample time to meet with any committee to approve the work before it is started. Our quotes are always valid for one year. You can have an estimate done in March for a project that needs to be completed in the fall. Allowing you to budget with ease.

We have package deals and discounts for Real Estate Professionals.  Find out about what services we can provide for you.

Experience the Difference

Our goal is to always work at the highest standard possible. Retention is a major part of our ongoing business. All of our work is 100% satisfaction guaranteed!